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Lifting your e-bikes by hand is no longer needed. 
Who regularly traveling with a motorhome or caravan will recognize that the transport of e-bikes is not always easy. The supplied standard bicycle is not generally calculated on the weight of E -bikes and is also often mounted too high . We have have developed a unique bike carrier that allows the easy transport of E -bikes: E -bike lift.
The low-noise integrated 12 Volt motor lifts smoothly up to 60 kilograms; Two e-bikes.
When not using the carrier, you can fold the support platform . In idle mode the entire system takes about 40 centimeters in , unfolded it is 75 centimeters. The E -bike lift is equipped with a manual override ; so you can at any time lift your bike . The patented carrier system is fitted on your motorhome or caravan with a maximum attachment point ranging between 1.98 meters and 2.36 meters.
  • Integrated 12V motor with manual override.
  • Maximum carrying weight of 60 kg
  • Two electric bikes
  • Anodized aluminum
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