Extern lock for doorhandle ZADI

  • Extern lock for doorhandle ZADI
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Extern lock for doorhandle ZADI
  Instructions for use:
•unlock the security cover
•pull the cover over the door lock and handle
•look the security cover

Assembly instructions:
•unlock the outer lock
•remove the screw covers (using a sharp tool)(photo 1)
•take out the screws (photo 2)

•place the outer lock through the support plate (photo 3)
•place the safety cover through the support plate′s guiding channels (photo 4) taking care for the cover′s gasket not to be damaged. At the plate′s arrival carefully push the gasket through
•in closed state push the cylinder until it locks itself (photo 5)
•place the outer lock with the on mouned securing lock through the holes in the door. Screw it afterwards with the inner lock together easy and strengt even (photo 6)
•check for the security cover to easily slide through. Eventually loose the screws. Done.

In closed state the outer is inaccesible and the door handle blocked.
It is possible to lock yourself out!!!
Always have a key outside the car.

For further informations we are gladly at your disposal.
We are not responsible for damages made to the vehicle.
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