Spare wheel holder Fiat Ducato x250 for 15&16 inch wheel

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A useful accessory: the spare wheel holder. The Fiat Ducato (x250, year 2006 onwards) comes standard with no spare tire included. For this reason Fiat supplies a repairkit. 

Most motorhome owners would like a spare wheel. Because the spare is not supplied, the holder is not mounted on the chassis. We have a spare wheel holder for the Fiat Ducato. You will save space in the garage of the camper. The wheel is suspended by means of a manual winch (included in the package). If you need the wheel, the wheel can be lowered easily and you can take it out. 

This spare wheel holder is only suitable for the original Fiat Ducato x 250 chassis (2006-), Assembly behind the rear axle and for original steel rims of 15 "and 16". 

Do you want to know which spare wheel holder is suitable for your RV? Please feel free to contact us.

Optional we supply a valve extender so you can check the tire pressure or inflate the spare tire without having to drop or move your spare wheel. 

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