Sky-Star Height adjustable bike carrier for motorhomes

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Hight Maximum hight from the chassis is 70 cm
Width circa 175 cm
Depth folded up circa 30 cm
Depth unfolded circa 70 cm
Load capacity 75 kg
Product weight <25 kg
Material Powder coated steel with aluminium components

Motorhome owners are increasingly using bike carriers mounted on the chassis, so they can bring their E-bikes on their holidays. A lot of bike carriers are mounted on the back of the motorhomeas a result of which the load capacity is not always sufficient. A carrier on the chassis usually costs more because you need a light bar, since the carrier is placed in front of the lighting and license plate.

Memo has the solution: The Sky-Star, Height adjustable bike-carrier. With the Sky-Star Memo Holland presents a whole different type of carrier. As usual our bike carriers are mounted on the chassis of your motorhome. What's new is that this carrier's height is adjustable, therefore the carrying platform can be placed above the lighting and license plate. With the lighting and license plate visible, the Sky-Star can be used without an expensive light bar, also you don't need a cable set to power that light bar. This way the Sky-Star is significantly cheaper than it's alternatives.

The Sky-Star, just like all our bike carriers, is foldable and optionally removable, so you save room when storing your motorhome or when on a ferry. When folded up the space saving is up to 40 cm.

The Sky-Star can be mounted directly on every Al-Ko chassis or solid enough chassis extensions. The weight of the carrier is less than 25 kg. The load capacity is up to 75 kg, which makes it strong enough for 2 e-bikes or 3 regular bicycles.

To protect your bikes we also have a specially designed bike cover available: Premium Bike Cover.

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