Travel-Star Foldable bike carrier for motorhomes with self-tilting lightbar for 3 bikes

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Width 175 cm
Depth folded up 30 cm
Depth unfolded 70 cm
Load capacity 75 kg
Product weight <25 kg
Material Steel and aluminium
An increasing number of motorhome owners likes to take their E-bikes along on their trips. Transporting the E-Bikes with your motorhomes isn't always that easy and users face a diversity of problems.
The biggest problem E-bike users face is the relatively high weight of the E-Bikes which can be 30 kg. easily. This makes them to heavy for the conventional bike carriers, that are usually fitted pretty high to the rear motorhome wall.
Memo-Europes proudly presents its solutional answer to these problems: the Travel-star foldable Bike Carrier with a self-tilting lightbar. This chassis mounted bike carrier can carry up to two E-bikes or 3 regular bikes(max. payload 75 kg.) and is located on knee height to prevent you from lifting the heavy E-Bikes high on to the carrier. This solves the biggest problems for E-Bike users and in case of the impossibility of lifting the E-Bikes due to whatever reason an additional bike ramp is available upon request.
If unused or when stored in a shed, you can easily fold the bike carrier. This saves up to 40 cm. of space and can be usefull when travelling by ferry or when increased manoeuvrabality is required.
If necessary the bike carrier can easily be removed from the motorhome as well. Both (un)folding and removing the bike carrier requires no use of tools.
The carrier can me mounted directly to an Al-Ko chassis or any suitable chassis (extension). This requires no towbar, but it can be mounted together with a towbar. The ramps and wheel lock and back frame are made of aluminium. The bike rack arms are made of powdercoated steel for a durable and thorough construction that lasts over time.
The dead weight of the carrier is 25 kg. only and is provided with a 13 pin Jaeger plug.


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