Towbars for motorhomes EC 94/20 approved, now in the UK!


Our motorhome towbars complie with the new regulations which will be effective in the UK in 2012.  From April 2012 all motorhomes sold in the UK must have EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval; or for manufacturers selling only in the UK, National Small Series Type Approval or Individual Vehicle Approval.

We offer a wide range of towbars for almost any European brand motorhome (motorhome towbar), complete with or without chassisextensions. Designed and produced by Memo in Holland. In our database we have enlisted over 6000 (continental) motorhomes. Memo towbar systems are easily fitted. No welding required, just bold the towbar directly onto the chassis.

Some huge advantages of these new towbars are:

  • Maximum towing capacity according to standardised EG regulations.
  • Relatively simply to fit.
  • No welding to the chassis.
  • Bolds on to the chassis of your motorhome.
  • Strong extensions due to new and innovative fixing.
  • Quick delivery
  • Good price
  • Instruction manuals come in Dutch, English, French and German
  • Strong and durable powdercoating technology
  • Produced by state of the art technology

Every towbar is supplied including fitting instructions and EG type approval, for which a sticker comes with each individual towbar.

Next to the standard European towbars we have enlisted in our database, such as:

Adria, Ahorn, Alpha & Car, Arca, Artica, Arto, Autoroller, Autostar, Avon, Bawemo, Beka, Benimar, Bimobil, Blucamp, Burow, Bürstner, CagoCampers, Carthago, Challenger, Chausson, Cicade, C.I. Europe, Clou, Coachman, Concorde, Concorde-NL, Cristall, CS-Reisemobile, Corfu, Dehler, Dethleffs, Dethleffs-NL, DueErre, Dulle, Dynamax, Eifelland, Elnagh, Euramobil, Fiat, Flair, Granduca, Hehn, Mobil, Hobby, Hymer, Iveco, Joint, Karmann, Knaus, La Strada, Laika, Le Voyageur, Mclouis, Mercedes-Benz, Mirage, Mobilvetta, Moncayo, Pegaso, Phoenix, Pilote, Rapido, Reimo, Rimor, RMB, Robel, Rockwood, Romahome, Rotec, Swift, Tabbert, Tischer, Triple E, Vario Mobil, Vilamobil, Volkner Mobil, Volkswagen, Winnebago, Weinsberg, Westfalia, Woelcke, Wingamm.

we also have the required information available for a motorhome towbar available for the brands:

Autosleeper, Autotrail, BessacarMarquis, Swift etc. etc. 

Below you'll find a small part of our towbar assortment. If you would like to receive more information, please contact our sales team by  or telephone +31 10 5190201.

Make sure you have the following information available, so we are able to quote you:

  1. Brand of chassis and type (car) eg. Fiat Ducato 250
  2. Brand and type motorhome eg.Dethleffs A582
  3. Year of production eg. 2001
  4. Chassis extenions fitted (yes or no) If yes, does it cover the space between chassis and bumper and is it strong enough for a towbar?
  5. Width of chassis in mm. eg. 1290 mm (measured at the outside)
  6. Length of space between end of chassis and rear bumper (eg. 1100mm)
  7. Height between road and rear body work eg. (530mm)


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