Every year there are many broken into homes and caravans. Not only do the burglaries much damage to the vehicle, valuable possessions are taken away but the break also gives an unsafe feeling. To protect the front doors of the camper there HEOSafe locks for shutters and doors are also additional locks available. However, research by insurers that there are many burglaries take place through the window of the caravan or motorhome. This is confirmed by owners of broken vehicles. There were until 2014 no effective means of protection that can be applied to different windows and also affordable.
Memo-Europe from January 2015 a new means to break through the windows of a camper or caravan helps prevent; the Raamfix. The Raamfix can be easily pushed to the existing window lock (without tools) and prevents the lock can be opened from the outside. In case of emergency the Raamfix can quickly and be removed without tools.
Patent pending no.: 1313611